Iona Prep Robotics Outline

Some assembly required!

Note: This is the BlocklyProp outline Click here for the C outline 



First Semester

Quarter 1



Old References | WAM | Basic Stamp
BlocklyProp reference (P)
Schematic Diagrams

1.1-Intro. to Electronics and programming in BlocklyProp > C

Letter (IR)

Chapter 0

Intro. to Computer Programming (IR)

Resistor Color Code (Diagram)

Activiity Board (Diagram)

Meter (Diagram)

First Full week

Path1 Traffic signal

Rubric for Performance Test

1.2-Building and controlling an LED circuit

Inventory A

Electric Current and Diodes (IR)

LED resistor calculations

Blink an LED (P)


Performance Test 1,2

Performance Test 3


1.3-Digital Input The pushbutton

Digital Control Using a Pushbutton(IR)

Pushbutton (P)

Triggered Signal (Perf. Test 4)

Test Review

1.4-Controlling the motion of a servo

Standard Servo (IR)


 Security Gate Project

Quarter 2




1.5-Functions and cogs
Measuring rotation; the potentiometer

Loops and Conditionals (P)
Multiple cogs (P)

Sending code to the instructor(IR)

Cutting Edge Robotics Videos
Functions (Blink)Worksheet
Functions (Beep)
Path2 - Railroad Crossing
RR crossing more details
RR X-ing Divide and conquer
RR X-ing Rev 2021

1.6-Digital Display 7-segment

7 Segment Display (P) **

Use the A/D converter

1.7-Measuring Light

Visible Light (P) **

 Engineering Challenges

1.8-Frequency and Sound

Piezo Beep (P)

Wav files |BlocklyProp WAV(P) **
7-Segment | OLED

Combining multiple .svg files into one


Exam Preliminary Project

MidYearExam - Fire Alarm

Alarm Project Development

Fire Alarm - Simplified version

Extra Projects

Fire Alarm 2021 version

** Optional topics

Second Semester

Quarter 3




2.1-Building the Activity Bot

Mechanical Assembly (P)

Electrical Assembly (P)

Troubleshooting (P)

Build Activity Bot 360

Using all senses to troubleshoot (Jameco)

Burglar Alarm

Jan 2021 inventory

Activity Bot Inventory

Path 3 -Navigation

Navigation and Ticks (P)

Walk a box

2.2-Navigation basics (dead reckoning)

Navigation Basics (P)
Open and closed loop Control (IR)

Some Navigation Contests 
A Ping project starter

2.3-Use of Whiskers and /or sonar

Navigation by touch (P)
Iona Whiskers Proj.(IR)

Iona PING project (IR)

Navigating using Ultrasound using Ping (P)

Final PING project (IR)

Interfacing TTL and CMOS (IR) |(P)

Amazing Project 

Second Method

2.4- Infrared/Visible Light

Navigating using I.R. Flashlights
Using a photoresistor to measure light (IP)

Sharing BlocklyProp code 


Quarter 4




2.5- Groups choose projects from a list of possibilities which include Activity-Bot extensions and other advanced robotics applications. A group may also propose an original project which is not on the list.

Maze solving JPG


aze solving from Wikipedia

Path 4 Final Exam

Sony Remote Help

Noshi Remote Help

Fingerprint Scanner help

Navigation Modification Help

Joystick Project Help

RFID help


Final Project Reports

Student Grading Rubric

Resistor Inventory (End of course)