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This list is divided into 7 broad categories:

Experiments and Demonstrations

Iona Prep's listing of JAVA demonstrations used in class.
Home Experiments which you can do using very simple equipment.
U.C.Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations Information on how to demonstrate various physical phenomena. A possible source for project ideas.

Museum Listings

Exploratorium, a famous science museum located in San Francisco. This site may give you some ideas if you are looking to do a science project.
The Museum of Science in Boston

Reference Materials and articles

Current needed to kill a common question in electricity classes
Imagine the Universe Contains descriptions of concepts in astronomy, astronomical data, and links to other astronomy sites and astronomy data.
Twenty SI prefixesEveryone knows kilo and mega, but how about yotta and zepto?
Physics Reference Data contains such things as constants, spectral data, and the like.
Midwest Physics Factbook A collection of brief articles and data containing interesting facts such as the voltage of the electric chair, the speed of continental plates, frequency of the heart, blackout acceleration in pilots, and much more.
Periodic Table of the Elements contains a great deal of detailed information about the elements
Cargo Cult Science article by Richard Feynman
Challenger Disaster
Particle Adventure
Geometric T.O.E.
Large Hadron Collider
List of Baryons
The Tenth Dimension
What is Quantum Physics
Harmony of the Spheres
Online Learning Resources from University of Kansas


Physics Class Table of Contents From Glenbrook South High School. Physics learning materials at the high school physics level. If you like that, also check out Multimedia Physics Studio and Shockwave physics studio.

Science Humor

Barometer Fable
Dave Barry's Electicity contains links to cartoons, humor, and other physics content.
Physics Songs can be found both on this site and at

Sports and Science

Science of Baseball from the Exploratorium.
How baseball players see a fastball from Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center
Science of Hockey from the Exploratorium.
Sport Science meets the Olympics

Other Links:

Iona Prep's Science Project Resources page.
Perpetual Motion (brief history)
Perpetual Motion (Feynman's experience)
Perpetual Motion (By Bill Beaty)
Physics Resources from Science Junction
Scientific American Magazine
Texas Instrument Calculator information

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