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Iona Physics Demonstrations

Here is a list of demonstration libraries which are appropriate for high school physics classes (with some chemistry and math thrown in)

Duffy- B.U.(Click on HTML5 simulations)

Explore Science


M. Fowler


Physlets (New Java Script versions)

Physics Aviary


W. Fendt 


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Some ways in which our senses can fool us.
Psych Experiment A collection of Optical Illusions Illusions collected by Donald Simanek
Florida Election Recount Auditory Illusions: 1 2 Optical Illusions suggested by https://lyndhurststem.org/


Mechanics Demonstrations:

Also see Puzzles 1-14 and Videos for chapters 1-9

Hooke's Law (PhET) Variable Length Pendulum Projectile Motion Fire a cannon. Adjust angle, muzzle velocity, add air resistance, if you want.
Forces and Motion (PhET) Friction (PhET) Energy Skate Park (PhET)
    Gravity (PhET)
Graphing Motion (This will download an .exe file which you use to help understand graphing motion) NASA Movie of hammer and feather dropped on the moon.

An Advertisement for Honda. The best ad ever!

Wave Motion Demonstrations

Also see Puzzles 15-25 and Videos for chapters 13-18

Waves on a string (PhET) Bending light (PhET) Color Vision (PhET)
Virtual Oscilloscope | Spectrum analyzer The Doppler Effect - a student project with explanations and demonstrations. The Doppler Effect Sound demonstration will play through your sound card. Works only with Internet Explorer.
Beats This is a demonstration of beats which will play through your sound card. Spectrum Analyzer The Electromagnetic Spectrum
3-D Picture Resonance Breaking glass Opera Singer Breaking glass

Electricity Demonstrations

Also see Puzzles 26-27 and Videos for chapters 19-20

Ballons/Static Electricity (PhET)  


John Travoltage (PhET)

Ohm's law (PhET)

Van de Graaff generator

Atomic Physics Demonstrations

Also see Videos for chapters 24-27

Standard Model of Particle Physics Particle Adventure Radioactive Half-life
Time Dilation (Mu mesons)    


Miscellaneous Demonstrations


The Internet Plasma Physics Internet Experience Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory has interactive instruction in Atomic Physics and a Virtual ToKAMAK

Also visit the Teacher's page of this site for a list of Java libraries and other resources.

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