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My ExploreScience web site currently sits on an old mac in the sunny southwest. If you happen to be in Asia, or want to see if another server in the midwest that might be faster, feel free to try these site "mirrors."

The site in Asia does their own updates from my site, so I can't guarantee it is up to date. My site at UM is a slightly out of date (and no downloads are available due to lack of disk space). I haven't visited the Drexel site in a bit, so I can't say much about it, but I'm really glad that someone was willing to put up a mirror and let me know about it!

If you are using these modules in your classroom, it's a good idea to download my site, or know the URL of the nearest mirror.

  • Asian Mirror - For those in Asia, visit this site.
  • Midwest Mirror - Located on a University of Michigan server. (I'll be leaving here in two months, so don't get used to this one!).
  • SouthEast Mirror - Located at Mississippi State University.
  • European Mirror - I know there is one in Germany, but I lost the URL, and the e-mail related to it when my computer died last month.
  • United States - A graduate student at Drexel set this one up. Thanks!

E-mail me at if you have a mirror set up!

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