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A copy of this site:

Click HERE to download the site (about 2.6 meg - no longer fits on a floppy :( but you can split it up after downloading). June, 1998 version.

The file is in a .sit format, which can be decompressed with Expander (shareware for both Windows and Macintosh). You can get Expander at

To use the material:

You need to have a computer that can deal with long file names (such as "umffbounce.html" or "cool_logo.jpeg." Sorry about that fact. Windows 95/NT can deal with long names, as well as any Mac. (side note - I believe I now have everything put in an 8.3 format so that it could be used on Windows 3.1, but I can not be sure of that).

  1. "unstuff" the .sit file
  2. You will then have a folder called "ExplrSci"
  3. Inside that folder will be a file called start.htm
  4. Open that file with your favorite shockwave enabled web browser.


If you are using this material on your local computer, check back here occasionally for possible updates.

My Résumé:

Résumé (PDF format) - September 1998.

Sample Class Worksheets/Info

Frank Tuttle from Upper Arlington High School sent me this nice worksheet which is used by freshman in tandem with this shocked module.

Click Here for Density Worksheet (in PDF format - go to Adobe's HP for the Acrobat Reader software).

Another Density Handout from Eric Brunsell of Appleton East High School.

A handout (plus a few tips) for students that want to explore Newton's Laws via the internet, from Greg Burkhart Timberline High School.

I'd really appreciate it if you would drop me a line and let me know that you are using the material. Also, if you have any worksheets or lessons to go along with a shocked module, let me know so that I can put it on the web for others to use.



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