Iona Prep Physics Study Skills


Believe it or not, there are students who, for one reason or another, actually want to fail in school. Such students should read no further! However, few students actually choose to fail. Some will fail because they simply do not try. They are so wrapped up in their daily activities that they neglect to set aside enough time for school work. Others may be unprepared by previous classes, and are thus simply unable to do the current work. Most students are able and willing to do the work, but some have difficulty setting goals for themselves, organizing time, and being prepared for deadlines. These students need help with organizational skills. Other students try to complete assignments, but have difficulty because they lack some specific study skill.

A number of colleges have set up web pages to help students who find themselves lacking in one or another study skill. I have collected a group of links which you can use to improve your study skills.

Page revised on 8/24/2020 by Br. Robert W. Harris

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