Iona Prep Robotics Outline

Some assembly required!

This is the C outline Click here for the BlocklyProp outline 



First Semester

Quarter 1



1.1-Intro. to Electronics and programming in C

Letter (IR)

To Install Simple IDE (IR)

Intro. to Computer Programming (IR)

C programming notes (IR)

Things I learned (IR)

C language (P)

Functions in SimpleTools (IR)

Where are the files?

First Full week

Path1 Traffic signal

1.2-Building and controlling an LED circuit

Inventory A

Electric Current and Diodes (IR)

Blink an LED (P)


Performance Test 1,2

Performance Test 3

Looping Structures

1.3-Digital Input The pushbutton

Digital Control Using a Pushbutton(IR)

Pushbutton (P)

Triggered Signal (Perf. Test 4)

Test Review

1.4-Controlling the motion of a servo

Standard Servo (IR) Standard Servo (P)

Continuous Rotation Servo (IR) **


 Security Gate Project

Quarter 2




1.5-Functions and cogs
Measuring rotation; the potentiometer

Using ADC (P) **
Using RC or QT circuit (P) **
Loops and Conditionals
Scope of variables
Multiple cogs (IR)
Launch/Stop another cog (IR)

Cutting Edge Robotics Videos
3 Ways to run & Functions
Functions Worksheet
Path2 - Railroad Crossing
RR crossing more details
RR X-ing Divide and conquer

1.6-Digital Display 7-segment

7 Segment Display (P) **


1.7-Measuring Light

Visible Light (P) **

 Engineering Challenges

1.8-Frequency and Sound

Piezo Beep (P)

Wav files (P) **



Exam Preliminary Project

MidYearExam - Fire Alarm

Alarm Project Development

Fire Alarm - Simplified version

Extra Projects

** Optional topics

Second Semester

Quarter 3




2.1-Building the Activity Bot

Mechanical Assembly (P)

Electrical Assembly (P)

Troubleshooting (P)

Using all senses to troubleshoot (Jameco)

Activity Bot Inventory

Path 3 -Navigation

Walk a box

2.2-Navigation basics (dead reckoning)

Navigation Basics (P)
Open and closed loop Control (IR)


2.3-Use of Whiskers and /or sonar

Navigation by touch (P)
Iona Whiskers Proj.(IR)

Navigating using Ultrasound using Ping (P)

Interfacing TTL and CMOS (IR) |(P)

Amazing Project 


Second Method

2.4- Use of Infrared Headlights

Navigating using I.R. Flashlights (P)



Quarter 4




2.5- Groups choose projects from a list of possibilities which include Activity-Bot extensions and other advanced robotics applications. A group may also propose an original project which is not on the list.

Maze solving JPG

Maze solving from Wikipedia

Path 4 Final Exam

Remote Controls

Final Projects '14-'15

Final Project Reports

Student Grading Rubric